Application for the delivery of armales

To His Royal Highness, the Emperor and Lord, the Merciful Lord.
Being thankful to Your Majesty your devoted servants and serfs mention your royal mercy, we would like to ask Your Royal Majesty to raise us into the status of nobility for all we have done for you and the whole kingdom as your devoted servants. We apply for being appointed noblemen, that is for myself Andrej, Ján and Martin my sons, as well as for Dorota and Katarína Trstenský my daughters and their successors, as well as Martin and Juraj Trstenský my brothers. All of us, Your Highness` devoted serfs for endless times, are waiting to be in reciept of Your merciful answer.

To Your Emperial and Royal Serenitas and Majestas your supplicants.
Written on 17th January AD 1638 in Bratislava
His Eminence Archbishop of Ezterghom
To Your Emperial and Royal Serenitas and Majestas subservient Andreas Trsztenszky the official of Orava castle.
Supplication given by myself the devoted servant Headof County council, Count Illeshászy to the Royal Majesty, the same supplication was sent through Liptov region through Hypolit Ladislav Hoszutothy elected bishop of Varadin.
Dictated to Trstená town
Under the letter H: