Short history of the family name Trsztyenszky

Trsztyenszky was the surname of a noble Hungarian family whose ancestral seat was located in the country of Arvá, which is situated at the territory today Slovak republic. The descendants of this family also used the variants Tersztyenszky, Tersztyanszky a Tresztyanszky. The Emperor Ferdinand III granted a coat of arms and the status of nobility to descendant of this house, Andreas Trsztyenszky from the county of Arva, his sons Andreas II, Martin II and his brothers Martin I and George I. in Pressburg (today called Bratislava capital of the Slovak republic), on January 15th, 1638. Since the eighteenth century, the existence of this family was documented in the counties Neograd, Sabolcs and others. In the index of the Hungarian aristocratic families named „Nemesi Évkőnyv“, there is a reference to another family named Tersztyanszky von Nádas, which, although certain references mention as the same family, they were not related.

The Hungarian surname Trsztyenszky is classified as being of toponymic origin, deriving from the place name where the initial bearer lived or held land. In this instance, the surname finds its roots in “Trsztena“ (today it is “Trstená”), which is the name of a village located in the county of Arvá. Therefore, the first bearer of this surname was someone who was identified by the members of his community as “one who hailed from Trsztena“or „the lord of Trsztena“. The etymology of this toponymum is uncetain, however, it may be derived from the Slavic term „trztina“. Thus, this toponym can be interpreted as “place where reeds grew in abundance”. It is also possible that the place name finds its origins in Old Slavic name “Tertsz”, a pet form the name „Teroslaw“, which is derived from the Old Slavic elements „terati“ meaning „to expel“ and „slaw“ which means „glory“.

BLAZON: Azure, on terrace vert, a griffin sergeant or, holding in its dexter claw three arrows proper, the points in chief.
CREST: Issuing from a crowned helmet, a demi vol sable, with a star of six points or.

(made according information from HRC)